Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 – Trees

Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 is a mod that specifically upgrades the amount of tree saplings and crops that can be harvested from them. This mod adds 49 new types of trees that can grow in all sorts of biomes and environments and are broken up in three different zones based on climate: temperate, warm, and cold.

There is now a much wider variety of fruits you can grow with this mod and you can use Pam’s other mods in addition to this one as a way to utilize those fruits in a much wider array of dishes to use for sustenance. But you can simply harvest and eat these fruits as is for additional food sources than what’s already available. So now you can plant and cultivate whole orchards filled with apples and oranges and cherries and peaches and even bananas just to name a few of the varieties available.

There are also several nut trees that will allow you to harvest cashews, almonds, pine nuts, and walnuts as well an many others. There are some obvious ingredients here that you can use to make nut based dishes and they can also be roasted in a forge, campfire, or smoker. Nuts can be eaten on their own without roasting and you will get some hunger back but if you roast them then you’ll gain five times the amount of hunger restoration!

You can either find these trees growing naturally in their respective biomes and harvest saplings by cutting them down or you can preserve them and simply pick their fruit to create your own saplings. The saplings for each tree simply needs eight of those fruits or nuts combined with any sapling already available in the game to make that specific sapling. So if you want to make pear saplings just pick eight pears and combine them with any sapling to make a pear tree sapling!

There’s a really interesting “fruit” tree added with this mod that provides an alternate source of spiderwebs and subsequently string. If you are playing in a peaceful world or simply want to avoid foraging for spiderwebs naturally, then all you need is a spiderweb tree! These trees will produce a bunch of spiderweb fruit and you can more consistently harvest them for all your string needs! These saplings can be made from using eight pieces of string and any sapling just like you would for any of the fruit and nut saplings.

This mod also adds several log fruits like cinnamon, paperbark, and maple that can be sheared and hung from leaves. And each of these trees also gives you three new wood blocks to use for building and decorating!

All of the fruits as well as the saplings added with this mod can be used in the composter too. So if you are looking to expand your world’s source of fruits and nuts and even spiderwebs, this mod is perfect for you. And if you check out Pam’s forum page on curseforge by clicking the link below, you’ll find her other mods that work in conjunction with this one and you can further expand all of the food recipes and dishes available in the game!

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