Furnish is a simple mod for improving the overall look and functionality of your interior decorating. It adds a bunch of new wood based tables, chairs, and cabinets that don’t take away from the aesthetic of the game as a whole. It adds a new workbench that you’ll need to craft first in order to make any of the furnishings.

When you right-click the bench, you’ll be given a menu similar to a crafting table and the recipe book. All you need to do then is place a block of the type of wood you want to use and the recipes will populate. You can add stacks of wood planks if you plan to make multiple pieces but otherwise you’ll only need one block per item. You can click any of the options before crafting and once you decide what you want, it will show up in the farthest right slot to grab. Then you can place it wherever you want!

The recipes are pretty cheap by only requiring one block per piece but this mod is geared more toward design options and creative builds. What’s particularly great about these pieces are their functionality as well as design. The tables will connect with each other so there aren’t excessive table legs cluttering the space below. And you can sit in any of the chairs, which makes for a more realistic feel if you’re building anything remotely resembling a seat without using this mod.

There are also a wide variety of cabinets and drawers that can all be opened and used for extra storage! This can make for organizing kitchen setups or workshops so much cleaner and better looking than tons of chests.

You can easily scale down the size of your furniture by using this mod. Here is a standard dining area that looks bulky and takes up a significant amount of real estate in such a tiny room. You have the standard, vanilla method of crafting chairs and tables with stairs but the look has never matched the size of the players and sometimes you want more functionality in the same or less amount of space.

And when you use the furnishings from this mod you’ll have a much more usable and eye-catching result. You can fit more chairs at a bigger or at least bigger looking table and add drawers and cabinets to fit whatever type of room you’re building.

Each piece has its own unique designs to fit any existing aesthetics and with the added storage functionality you can craft intricate desks or bedrooms. You only need to change the wood type at the bench.

There are three different table types from basic dining tables to end tables and even bedside tables with their own drawers as well. There’s even wardrobes that are taller and have significantly more storage space that make any bedroom that much more functional without taking up an exorbitant amount of space. Wardrobes can make for a great alternative to large chests that take up much more space and might detract from your overall designs and color schemes.

This mod also adds a book pile that can be arranged in three different orientations. Simply place the books down and continue right-clicking to cycle through the options. This can be used for just that extra touch of detail to help fill in any empty looking spaces you might find in your builds.

But what makes the books even more useful is that they can be used in your enchanting rooms to help provide enchanting power.

This can make for more ominous settings simply by adding a touch of a “lived in” feeling. You can still utilize book shelves but with piles of books strewn across a table in a dark and murky chamber you’ll be able to capture a broader mood with your arcane designs.

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  1. How do you use a Mailbox?

    March 26, 2022
  2. How do you craft a Mailbox and Heavy Metal?

    How do you use a Mailbox?

    Where can you find the Chinese Plate & the English Plate

    March 26, 2022
  3. Hi, I have a suggestion of including some sort of tablecloth for the tables, that could be customisable like banners. If you check out the MultiBeds mod, And look at the bedsheet design, it might help explain what I’m trying to say.

    Thanks for all of the effort on this fantastic mod.

    BTW: It’s better than other furnisher mods out there.

    April 19, 2022
  4. Perfect alternative for MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod on 1.19.2.
    Other alternative: Macaw’s Furniture for 1.19.2.

    May 23, 2023