Dank Storage

Dank Storage is a new large storage system that adds 7 tiers of chests and each tier increases its capacity with each upgrade.

The first has 9 slots and holds 256 items and the highest has 81 slots holding the max volume of stacks available for each item. They have 3 modes that can be toggled by pressing ‘i’ while in your hand. Chest mode functions exactly as if it were a standard chest placed on the ground. And the stacks will hold significantly more than 64 per slot.

Bag mode allows you to carry the dank as a portable chest you can access by right-clicking while holding it. This will give you a significant boost in inventory capacity and you can allow the bag to pick up any dropped items so long as those items already exist in the bag. And once the bag is full it will overflow the picked up items into your regular inventory.

And construction mode is what really sets this mod apart from other mass storage mods. It will allow you to use items in the dank to build, eat, or even farm with all while holding it in your hand and not even changing slots. When you sneak and scroll it will change the active item and you can then click to place or use it!

This mod also requires an additional API found here.

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