Killer Table

The Killer Table mod allows you to play on peaceful and still collect any drops from mobs that you won’t encounter. It allows you to still play on survival but gives you the opportunity to obtain dropped items from enemy mobs. All you need to do is craft it and place it in your desired location.

Then click the table and you can add weapons to the yellow slots at the top. You can set the weapons to break if you want the table to be less powerful, requiring you to still find items for weapons. And you can also select which mobs from the left column that you want to receive drops from. There’s even an option to collect experience as well.

And depending on how many seconds between each kill you have set, you’ll instantly see items populate in the blue inventory section!

The table finds whatever mobs will spawn in a particular area so you can place the table somewhere else for other drops.

You can even place them in the Nether for those mobs:

And also in the End, although you’ll only be able to attack Endermen, but it does make for a handy Ender Pearl farm!

You will need an additional API to run this mod found here.

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