Fairy Lights

The Fairy Lights mod adds a bevy of craftable lightbulbs and lanterns to hang around your abode. It’s perfect for party settings or simply adding a new light source to your world. They don’t give off much light but most string lights won’t do much in real life either. No matter what this is a great addition for any holiday setting!


The bulbs come in many different styles and range from traditional bulbs to flower, snowflake, or halloween-themed bulbs.


When you add any bulbs to two ingots and a piece of string you’ll get a strand of bulbs that can be hung for a stretch of 25 blocks.


If you start combining colors and shapes, you’ll get alternating bulbs on the line. Mix and match to suit your style or colorize to blend in with the environments you’ve created. If you add glowstone to any bulb when crafting it, it will change to twinkling.




On top of all these new strands of light you can even string up lines of garland in any color or Christmas themed!


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Fairy Lights, 3.85 / 5 (341 votes)


  1. Love this mod! It’s so pretty! Awesome for pointless decoration.

    March 19, 2016
  2. I was so happy when I saw this mod !I saw a bunch of YouTubers do this mod and I was in heaven!

    October 1, 2017