Campfire Resting

The Campfire Resting mod is a relatively simple mod but offers a low impact option to advance the time of day in Minecraft no matter where you are. It functions similarly to any game that has a fast travel or advance time feature but the crucial usage of this mod compared to simply using a bed to sleep at night is well worth the install. Obviously Minecraft has had the ability to fast forward time from a potentially dangerous night environment to waking up in a safer daytime setting by placing and sleeping in a bed for a very long time. But this also resets your spawn coordinates every time you sleep in a new bed. Well now you can simplify this entire situation with this mod and just build a campfire to safely rest as well as sleep through the night and wake up right where you left off without having to reset your default spawn location or needing the ability to teleport via any commands.

This mod is very lightweight because it uses the existing campfire blocks to function so you won’t need any additional items to use its abilities. So all you have to do is place a campfire as you normally would and then right click it to open up the menu options.

You will see four icons and a rest button when you open up the menu and that’s all you need when using this mod. You have the option to select either dawn, noon, dusk or midnight for the time you want to advance the day to. It will either advance your time to the next cycle or if you select the cycle you are currently in then it will advance an entire day from that point. So tap the time cycle you want and then hit the rest button and time will advance in a few moments.

When you “wake up” the fire will have burned out and your time should have moved ahead appropriately. You can always reuse the campfire abilities by simply lighting it again and repeating the previous process.

What sets this mod apart from using a bed to advance time is not just the ability to set the time to any of these four options as well as choose between day or night, but you can also use the campfire to advance time regardless of any hostile mobs that might be around. With a standard bed you would need to make sure it is placed in a safe shelter or surrounding when any enemy mobs are around but now you can advance time no matter what mobs are nearby. This does have some risk built in with the fact that the mob or mobs will likely still be around when you wake up but at least you can advance time whenever you want with the use of this mod.

So with the simple addition of a menu selection option added to campfires, you can now dictate the concept of time to whatever you desire!

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