The Botania Mod adds a ton of new flowers to Minecraft. But it doesn’t stop at just making your world a little more fresh. With the new flowers come many new powers. Powers that can be used to make tools and weapons and items to enhance your world immensely.


The first thing you’ll want to do is craft is the Lexica Botania. It will help guide you in your new floral environment. It has all the necessary recipes and information to make the most of this mod. The great thing about the Lexica is you can shift + right-click on any flowers you see in the world and get useful information for it either in game or linking you to the mod’s wiki page.


You’ll need to craft mortar and pestle to grind flower petals into powders. These can be used by themselves as dyes for clay or glass. Or they can be combined with bone meal and used as fertilizer. The neat thing about the fertilizer is you can right-click some grass and a random generation of flowers will appear. This is great for discovering new flowers you haven’t come across yet.


You can create mystical flowers by crafting an apothecary, filling it with water, then adding petals and seeds. If you do this to craft a pure daisy, you’ll then be able to use that to craft the essential blocks, livingwood and livingrock.




But the main goal of this mod is to collect Mana. You’ll need to craft different mystical flowers and place them with mana spreaders and collect it in mana pools. Once you’ve collected mana you’ll be able to “enchant” items like diamonds, ender pearls and iron ingots into mana diamonds, mana pearls and manasteel ingots. You’ll then be able to use these to craft new weapons, tools and armor.



Since this is a massive mod you’ll definitely need to consult the Lexica Botanica often until you get the hang of things.

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