Traveller’s Boots

Traveller’s Boots give the wearer a significant boost in speed plus some additional buffs depending on the tier the player is wearing. They come in 4 tiers and the first is leather based giving a slight speed boost. They can also be repaired with leather.

The next level up, MK2, is made with gold. It gives the same speed boost but also provides additional armor as well as increased step height. You can repair these with gold ingots too.

MK3 boots give a speed II boost and increased armor protection. You’ll get the same step height here but you’ll also notice a significant change in speed compared to the other 2. These are made using diamonds and repaired with the same.

And the last tier is the fastest giving both speed boost IV as well as jump boost II. They’re made with emeralds and can be a bit of a risk if you’re not prepared for how fast you’ll end up moving! Good luck!

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