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The Create Mod is an incredibly dense mod full of new blocks and items that can massively improve automation and machine usage in Minecraft. This mod adds a slew of tracks and gears and machine blocks that will allow the player to design and build contraptions that range in any degree of complexity that you might need them for. You can use the Create Mod to essentially automate almost any device available in Minecraft and do so with minimal real estate taken up. There are so many things you can possibly do with this mod but I will break down some of the basics here so you can get started and explore any options that may fit your needs.

There are several new stones and ores added with this mod and those will help to craft new blocks as well as many new and extremely useful machines. You will definitely need andesite in order to make andesite alloys, which will be the primary material used in making shafts and other key components for these machines. There are a few cogwheels that will control and connect many of the mechanics and allow you to make some very complex or even very simple machines. By combining cogwheels with water wheels or even windmills, you can make a conveyor belt system that can automatically process sheets of metal that can then be made into even more parts and tools.

Conveyor belts are simply made using dried kelp and can be connected by right clicking between two shafts. The great thing about these belts is that you can connect them horizontally and vertically but also at any angle to transport materials to virtually anywhere you want. So for example you will need to craft gearboxes that come in vertical and horizontal orientations and those will need to be connected to a power source like the above mentioned water wheels or windmills. Add the shafts between the points you want the belts to connect to and make sure they are connected to the gearboxes. You can add andesite casing blocks around these to make everything look more aesthetically pleasing but otherwise you really just need those gearboxes and shafts connected in line with each other.

After you have your shafts placed then you will need to craft some belts to place on them. While holding the belts, right click on one of the shafts and then  move over to the next shaft and you will see a particle line for where the connection will lead. The line will be green to indicate you have a successful connection between two shafts and it will glow red if you cannot connect them. Then just right click the next shaft and the belts will automatically attach! You can continue placing belts on every other shaft in your conveyor line and so long as you have adequate power to the gearboxes then you will now have a moving belt!

This mod is incredibly complex and it is recommended to check the wiki page as well as any attached videos to help you get started. The conveyor belt system is just one tiny aspect of this mod but it is a prime example of what this mod is capable of. You can now automate several tedious functions like crafting certain blocks or automatic farming. You can create complex railroad systems and seemingly endless systems all connected via a series of gears and pullies. You can even craft mechanical arms and add them to your assembly lines so they can grab whatever items you want them to and then transport them to their destination.

So if you have ever wanted to massively expand your ability to create incredible machinery in Minecraft then the Create mod has you more than covered. You can essentially build a machine to do literally everything a player is capable of doing and automate the entire game. The complexity of these systems is a bit overwhelming but once you understand the basics then your only limitation is your imagination.

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