Interface+ is a new way to display all the stats available as a player. It completely redesigns the healthbar and various other HUDs in the game to provide a more intuitive display.


There are a few different types of interfaces to choose from. Whether top or bottom of the screen, this mod has a sleek and informative option for you to fit your needs.



It will display your weapon and armor health as well as your arrow count. And it also displays a digital clock to provide a more accurate reference for time in game. The clock can even change color based on what time of day it is.



It will also provide you with the health of various mobs in the game whether friend or foe. This can be toggled on or off or only on when aiming in the settings.


And most of these options are customizable based on color or whether you want to even show them at all.

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Interface+, 3.82 / 5 (129 votes)


  1. Definitely an improvement to the default vanilla interface, the mob health bar is an awesome idea

    February 5, 2016
  2. How do you bring up the Navigation menu?

    February 23, 2023