Hexlands II

Hexlands II is a rewrite of the original Hexlands mod but now for current Minecraft versions. It allows you to create a new world generation that separates each biome into hexagonal partitions. This makes the biomes smaller overall but makes for an otherwise interesting world to explore. You’ll first need to create a new world and select Hexlands for the world type.

Each section is separated by stone bricks that vary in width and height. So you may encounter walls that can be scaled with a single jump or some that may be dozens of blocks high or even separated by canyons.

Water types specific to certain biomes are also separated by the hex shape but not always by a stone wall either.

Villages and mountains will also still generate and you may end up with some interesting and fun results.

Some portions of the village may carry over to the next hexland with dizzying results.

And some villages may end up crossing over to biomes they wouldn’t normally be seen in!

This mod has two variations that can generate only in the Overworld or both the Overworld and the Nether as well.

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Hexlands II, 3.18 / 5 (38 votes)


  1. So glad this finally got updated for 1.17!

    Does it work for servers? Becuase that would be really fun dividing up different hexagons for each player…

    September 28, 2021
    • I do believe it does but be sure to check the forum linked at the bottom of the review for any specifics or to comment asking the developer directly.

      September 28, 2021