Another Furniture Mod

Another Furniture Mod is a great and simple mod with several new and elegant pieces of furniture that range from tables and chairs to window dressings and planters. You can use any type of wood as well as any wools or dyes to customize each piece to your desired aesthetic. It even offers the ability to utilize wood types that are added with other mods you might have installed so you can even further expand the uses of these furniture types. With the tables you can make custom sizes as well as single block tables and they will all connect together to form bigger tables.

You can do this with standard square or rectangle tables but they will also connect to any other table placed next to one and you can then make uncommon shapes to fit perfectly however you want them.

Even better is that you can even use different wood type tables next to each other and they will still connect as one piece!

There are also several different shelves all with the same wood customization as the tables. They will combine together just like the other combinable pieces added with this mod so you can create some really useful shelves to fit any storage or table needs. These will also combine with different color wood types as well!

Another added feature with these shelves is you can place items on them like regular tables and most items that can already be placed and used, function the same on these shelves like lanterns and flower pots but you can place other blocks and items on them as well. The other blocks will place on the shelf kind of like trinkets or trophies and take on a miniature version of their bigger selves. You could easily make dioramas or display rare items you found in a neat place right on your walls!

This mod also adds a wide variety of chair and stool designs that can again be made from any wood type. Stools have a wool cushion on top so you can use any other wool color to create different colored stools as well. The chairs and stools don’t connect to form bigger versions but they do look much more streamlined to fit the Minecraft aesthetic and each chair has unique backings depending on what wood type you use for crafting them.

There are several window dressings added with this mod as well that can really increase the design aspects of your windows. You now have a wide variety of shutters to choose from that also vary in design depending on the type of wood you use. They function similarly to trapdoors but they attach to either the left or right side of blocks and open outward.

The shutters can also be linked up with shutters of the same variety by combining together when placed one on top of the other so you can have square shutters or longer ones that open together. The design on the shutter will elongate when you’ve joined them together.

You can also add curtains that can be dyed or made directly with any color wool you prefer. These can be placed open and when you right click them again they will close up. They also have an additional animation applied to them that will allow them to swing back and forth like curtains will in real life either from a small breeze or when something walks by them. It really adds a nice realistic touch to something so simple.

There are also a bunch of planters you can make from any wood type and they will hold two plants at the same time. They mesh very well with window panes and add that extra bit of flair to any window treatment.

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