Chance Cubes

The Chance Cubes Mod is a simple random block mod. It not only provides you with a craftable chance block but also gives you pendants and items to help increase or randomize the luck of these blocks.


The chance block varies in what it produces as its name suggests. Anything from cake and enchanted weapons to big bosses and exploding cats is at the mercy of the cube.


If you craft the Chance Cube Scanner you can view the level of chance each block has. The higher the number the more extreme the output is whether good or bad. Lower levels may be useless items, low level mobs or nothing at all.


And you can even increase the level of chance a block has by holding chance pendants while breaking the blocks. There are four tiers of pendants that range from +10 to +100 added chance levels.


The Chance Cubes Mod is an easy to use and super fun mod to play around with but as always with random chance mods be sure to backup your save or start a new one as you never know what may be ultimately destroyed with this.

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Chance Cubes, 3.43 / 5 (299 votes)


  1. Kinda’ like the lucky block mod…but different in it’s own way too.

    March 13, 2016
  2. To be honest, I prefer this to the lucky block mod. Seems to have way more customisation.

    February 10, 2024