ProPercivalalb took over this mod for Stewiecraft, and it’s truly awesome for anyone who loves hunting (or annoying friends) in Minecraft. Trapcraft is a mod that adds in a lot of new features that are very useful for crafty hunting or trapping. It specializes in deception and building defensive features, whether they be other players on a multiplayer server or simply combating any enemy mobs that you would regularly encounter.

One of the first and easily constructed traps to check out is the Dummy. It is a very easy trap to build and can be used in a variety of ways to trick hostile mobs but not necessarily other players in multiplayer servers. It has the ability to taunt any and all aggressive enemies that can see it, which obviously has the advantage of drawing them away from the player to be able to strike unnoticed. The only downside is that it will not work on zombies since they can sense that this dummy isn’t made of “human” flesh and therefore they won’t have an interest in them. The monsters that will fall for the trap and attack the Dummy, of which all will have 20 health, will eventually cause it to drop the dummy head. You can then use that dummy head again to craft another trap.




If you like traps that involve cooking mob meat, the Igniter is perfect for you. When powered by redstone that could easily be a pressure plate if used as a trap, it lights on fire. Any mob or animal that falls into this trap will both succumb to a fiery death but their meat will also cook and will automatically be stored in the built in inventory system contained in the block. So you could easily use this trap as an animal farming attachment that will cook the drops from the farming machine as well as store them for collecting later.



The Bear Trap is very useful for those living in the woods who want to catch stray animals. When it makes contact with a non-player character, it will hold the prey in place while they slowly die. They can be continually reused by simply activating them again after they have been triggered and that will reset them without needing to craft again and replace. The one deceptive caveat with this trap being named for trapping bears is that it isn’t necessarily going to trap bears as well as any other animal and if you do catch one in these traps it is best to proceed with caution if you are near them.



Spikes give you a convenient way to kill monsters that fall into your trap holes. They do damage to anything that comes in contact with them.



Need a way to hide your traps or spikes? Look no further than the Grass Covering. It conveniently covers up open spaces and lets things fall right through. For extra stealth, they can blend right in to the biome they are placed in.



“Gosh, those mobs will not fall into my trap!” Not a problem with Trapcraft’s Fan block. When powered, it powerfully pushes things in its path (including monsters) in the direction it is facing.



Now that you’re using Trapcraft to kill all of these mobs, you need an easy way to collect their loot. And voila the Magnetic Chest is here to save the day! It pulls nearby items into itself and automatically collects them. Neat, huh?



All in all, Trapcraft is an awesome addition for both singleplayer and multiplayer alike. Good luck and happy hunting!

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  1. Thank you so much! This mod will make killing and looting mobs so much easier. Five-stars all the way!

    June 11, 2015
  2. multipurpose bear trap! catch food and troll your friends!

    January 15, 2021