The Statues mod adds a series of miniature statues made in the likeness of all the mobs in the game. They come in a few tiers that vary their abilities. The first tier is purely decorative and offer no real benefit other than adorable trinkets to display.

But as you increase the tiers the perks start showing up. The next level up is a musical tier that causes the statues to make sounds when you interact with them but the most beneficial tier is the functional tier that causes the statues to dispense their respective drops when you interact with them. For example the pig statue will drop porkchops when you click it.

Subsequently the creeper statue will drop gunpowder.

The Zombie statues will drop rotten flesh.

And Sheep statues will drop both mutton as well as the color of their wool.

The Mooshroom statue is a bit different in that it will drop a bowl of mushroom soup when you click it with an empty bowl.

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  1. I am trying to figure this out. I tried to upgrade my statues that were dropped to me but nothing happens. I follow the recipes but there is no output in the crafting table. Is this just a bug or is this mod broken and not fixed?

    June 4, 2021