This Rocks!

This Rocks is a mod that enhances the overall visual landscape of Minecraft by adding a variety of rocks or sticks or any other similar items to make your world feel more natural and realistic. This mod aims to give a more immersive gameplay experience by adding depth and features, albeit small on the surface, but truly makes everything around your world just a bit more dynamic and pleasing to the eye as you explore and build. Sometimes the vanilla Minecraft aesthetic needs some additional texture to the otherwise relatively squared (or cubed) visuals. What this mod adds is a minor tweak to any of the available biomes and dimensions with randomly generated rocks or sticks and even starfish when you go near or under any bodies of water that you will notice scattered around on any given blocks. And what takes this mod from simply a cosmetic change to something more useful is the customization of these items, the ability to place them as a player, and that they will drop materials that can then be crafted into other items or blocks. There are two options for you to choose when you come across some random sticks you will now see spawning around any trees. The first option is simply breaking the stick that is a separate element to the block it’s on and that will give you one stick that you can use for any crafting recipe that calls for sticks.

The other option is more tailored to using those sticks as decoration or simply changing their appearance whenever you want. If you hover over a stick you find or place yourself and right click it, then it will cycle through different visual options while staying placed. This works just the same as changing the orientation of any items you would place in a frame. So if you want to alter the look of these fallen sticks to be bigger or smaller or a different shape then you can leave them on the ground and change their appearance to suit your needs. It should be noted that you can only change the orientation of any of these new items in creative mode but that is a feature that is absolutely beneficial in a creative world to help enhance any of your builds. And while these fallen sticks cannot be crafted or placed outside of a creative world, this mod has sticks of every tree variety available.

Rocks are another aspect of this mod as can be expected by the name of it and you will see the same degree of cosmetic usefulness as the previously mentioned sticks. You will come across randomly generated rocks anywhere in your world and you can change their looks as well by right clicking them instead of breaking them. So if you want small or big or an alternate orientation of any of these rocks then you simply need to cycle through the options, again while in creative mode, and you can settle on whatever variation you want.

But what makes these rocks you now have strewn across stone patches or caves or deserts as well as the Nether and the End different from the sticks that drop only sticks when you break them. When you break any variety of these rocks it will drop a splinter of that type of block. When you combine four of those splinters in a crafting grid then you can craft any of those blocks. It may seem small but if you happen to have a large collection of splinters then you may be able to craft a few more of those blocks than you originally thought you had.

This mod also adds pinecones that you will likely find near trees and forests. The pinecones do add to the visual improvements of wooded areas but will also drop spruce saplings when you break them.

And you will also likely come across seashells and starfish peppering beaches and the sand below the water level. Seashells have a chance to drop Nautilus Shells and when you break starfish you can then use the drops to decorate however you see fit.

There is also another block added with this mod that can add some neat visual aspects where they might fit and those are geysers. There are two varieties of geysers that can be found in the overworld as well as the Nether. Both of the geysers will activate whenever any player gets close to them but they have different attributes when active. The benefit of overworld geysers is that they will boost a player up when they go off and you can get a bit of an extra jump from them.

The Nether geysers are a bit more nefarious in that they will also activate when a player gets near them but instead of boosting you up, you will take burn damage.

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