Spartan Shields

Spartan Shields adds several new and stronger shields to Minecraft for sometimes much needed better protection in your world. The standard shield just may not cut it and overall lacks that aesthetically pleasing nature to what you want keeping you safe. The base wood shield of this mod is an easy one to craft in early stages and it’s also the foundation of the next level shields you can craft later on.

You’ll see how much protection each shield holds when you hover over them with wood being the lowest and each subsequent tier more than doubling the previous one. The low to mid range shields go from wood then gold then stone then iron.

The protection levels then increase immensely when you craft diamond and obsidian shields but be wary of the obsidian since it will slow you down to an almost sneak speed while holding it.

Each shield also has a shield bash attack and that will vary on the tier of shield you’re using as well.

This mod also adds the same shield types in tower shield varieties but with these you can apply banners to them for added customization.

And if you have another mod that adds certain metals not found in vanilla Minecraft like copper and silver you can craft additional shields with the silver one hurting the undead on contact!

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  1. how do you make the octine shield

    February 14, 2021