Tetra is a very intricate mod that allows you to craft, tweak and repair tools and weapons with the new workbench it provides. First you’ll need to craft a hammer and right-click a standard crafting table with it. This will transform it into the workbench.

When you click the workbench, you’ll see a slot that you can add tools to. When you do you’ll be given options for how to customize and upgrade it.

This is where you can supercharge your tools to be exponentially better than before. If you click one of the options you’ll see detailed information on how to craft new parts of the tool. You can swap the heads of tools to be different and better materials. You can change the material and type of head/blade to whatever you see fit.

You can also create dual headed tools that can do multiple tasks like being able to mine stone blocks and dirt/sand without ever changing tools. You can even enchant certain parts and vary the materials and bindings used in order to make a much stronger tool.

The main drive of this mod is being able to gradually upgrade and hone your tools over time so there’s less overall crafting. What you end up with is growing the skills and durability the more you use them. You’ll also often find you need to increase the tier of certain tools in order to be able to craft or improve other tools. Some materials like blaze rods and cutting leather require higher level hammers and blades before you can upgrade.

This is a very complex mod that definitely has a learning curve so be sure to check the advancements tab at least but the forum link below has detailed instructions for getting started.

This mod does require an additional API found here.

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