If you’ve ever roamed the vast deserts of Minecraft, you may have noticed something missing. That’s right! No tumbleweeds! Well this mod aims to fix that by adding that simple, iconic, western fixture to your landscape. It really puts you in the moment when you see one float by.

Now, this mod isn’t just a lackluster tumbleweed generator. It actually provides random drops in each tumbleweed making them more of a surprise package than simply dry shrubbery. Each one has a different surprise so feel free to break any you find!

Anything from seeds and string all the way up to diamonds and emeralds can be found within these unassuming balls of dead plant.

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Tumbleweeds, 3.74 / 5 (97 votes)


  1. I really like this mod. It gives a nice look to dessert biome. My only suggestion would be maybe have them break when they touch water because I have found tumbleweeds out in the middle of the ocean on some occasions.

    May 29, 2019