Extra Golems

The Extra Golems mod adds a massive amount of new golems to protect your villages. If you’ve ever wanted to expand the range and types of these gentle protectors then this mod will do just that. Plus now you have a way to summon them into the world for you rather than them being limited to their respective villages. They can be made out of nearly any block and they all have different strengths, abilities, and damage. All you need is a Golem Spell that is made by combining one feather, one redstone dust, one ink sack and one piece of paper in a crafting grid. And then combine that spell with a pumpkin to make the Golem Head. This enchanted head is the key to bringing them to life in a very similar way to Frosty the Snowman with his top hat!

Once you have the Golem head you’ll need to make a T shape with the desired blocks. So if you wanted a wooden golem make the T shape with three wood blocks stacked horizontally on one wood block and then place the golem head on top. It will instantly come alive and start its role in your protection. You can make golems to reflect any variety of wood or wool or stone depending on which type you use for the T shape base. So you can be creative and unique in crafting an army of golems for your base!

This mod does also includes a guidebook to help determine what type of golem you might want to craft. When you open the book it’ll have an introduction and a table of contents for the types that can be created. Just click on any one of them and you’ll be directed to that page with instructions on how to craft that specific type of golem.

It also gives details on what each type of golem can do or withstand and what abilities they have. This will be incredibly useful if you want to tailor your golems to particular biomes or specific conditions. You might benefit from a mighty obsidian or quartz golem if you’re looking for strength and stability in your village or maybe you simply want one made entirely of glass. There are currently forty different golems to choose from, all with their own abilities and looks, so the options are pretty vast to fit with anyone’s aesthetic choices.

Some golems even retain the same core functions as the blocks used to craft them. You can craft golems from Furnaces as well as dispensers can smelt items and shoot arrows. There are even golems that can be made from crafting tables and now you’ll have a golem to follow you around and can be used as a mobile crafting table! Once it comes life you just need to right click it like any normal crafting table and the crafting grid will pop up as advertised!

And there are even some golems, specifically made with slime or honey, that have additional sustainability by splitting in two when their full size health has been depleted. This gives an extra layer of defense if your village is overwhelmed.

So this mod can be a key proponent when deciding how you’d like to defend your bases and land. With golems now in the power and control of the player you can create a base filled with beings aimed not just to protect you but also perform tasks for you and help make your base more functional. You can essentially hire a team of villagers made up entirely of these golems and they all work for you!

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