Domestication Innovation

Domestication Innovation is a mod that aims to expand on the tamable abilities of animals in the game as well as giving the player the ability to tame otherwise un-tamable animals. You can now tame much more than wolves and cats with this mod and that includes parrots, rabbits, foxes and even axolotls! Wolves and cats are tamed the same as they always were but you’ll need some tropical fish to tame axolotls, a bale of hay or two to tame rabbits, and if you want to tame foxes you’ll need to breed two wild foxes with sweet berries and wait for the kit to grow up in order to be tamed by you.

This mod is a fantastic way to tame a variety of animals that will not only join you on any adventure you want them to but they will also fight other mobs they would normally attack in the wild. This does mean that if you have a tamed rabbit with you, there may be a higher chance of it being attacked by other predators, including your own tamed wolves and foxes, and they have a much lower health level so they might be better suited to stay closer to home. They will, however, scare off ravagers once they are tamed so that can be a useful trait to add to your home base defense system simply by giving some rabbits a few bales of hay. And with all of the tamable animals this mod allows, they will all respond to a simple right click to change state between wandering, staying and following. It should be noted that wolves and foxes will tend to scurry away quickly when set to wander but they also stay close enough to you so you can keep an eye on them or set them to follow or stay without too much concern.

Be careful if you want to tame axolotls. They are adorable and great companions but if they spend too much time on land they are, by default, much slower and can easily become dehydrated and die. Be sure to keep them near water if you want to keep them as your traveling companion.

This mod also further protects your tamed animals from friendly fire if you happen to be swinging a sword when they are nearby. Once you have tamed an animal they will automatically have a “swing through” resistance that won’t cause them any damage unless you happen to be sneaking while attacking. This can be very beneficial if you have one of your newly tamed friends helping you fight off a hostile zombie or skeleton and you don’t want to accidentally cause them any damage from your own attacks.

This mod does also add beds that will automatically register as spawn points for your tamed pets as soon as they sit in them. This can be used to guarantee the safety of these animals if they happen to die at any point whether that be in battle or simply through exploration. If they have a spawn point saved with a pet bed, then if they die, they will respawn the following day in their bed just like the player will. The beds come in a variety of color options as well so you can customize them for each pet you tame!

You can also help guide them into the beds with the use of the feather on a stick. It’s essentially a fishing rod with a feather attached that will lure your tamed animals toward it. This can be used for any number of reasons like getting them off of chests or out of precarious locations but it can also be used to activate their spawn points on their beds. Simply cast the feather like you would if you were fishing and have it land on a pet bed. Your tamed animal will leap toward it and hop on the bed. You’ll know that the spawn point is set when you see “Zzz” appear above them. Setting a spawn point will not only make sure that your pet will respawn if they happen to die unexpectedly but it will also make sure that if you travel too far without them, they will still respawn the next day in their beds!

This mod also adds the ability for villagers to become animal tamers with their own unique houses. You simply need to place a pet bed near an unemployed villager and they will take on the position of animal tamer. They will then be able to trade items related to the tamable animals as well as enchantable items for any of your tamed pets!

This mod does require an additional API, Citadel, to be installed and can be found here.

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