Richard’s Coffee & Tea Mod

Richard’s Coffee & Tea Mod is a bit more of a calming experience to further enjoy your Minecraft adventures by giving you the ability to make various teas and coffee drinks. This mod includes several varieties to choose from and even adds new mugs to not just pour your hot brewed beverage into but you can also place them on plates as well as any surface that allows items to be placed on them.

You can find any of the coffee and tea plants scattered around in plains and extreme hills biomes but they can also be found in any of the chests you might find throughout mineshafts and dungeons. Tall grass can even drop coffee beans and tea seeds so there are plenty of spots to find what you need to either simply make a new drink or harvest and farm either or both of them for a more controlled and bountiful inventory.

There are a few steps involved when you find coffee beans just as you would in real life. First you will need to roast them in a furnace to produce roasted coffee beans.

After you have your roasted coffee beans you will then need a mortar and pestle to grind them into coffee grounds. All you need to do is place the mortar and pestle on the ground or similar surface and right click it with the roasted coffee beans. Now you have coffee grounds ready to brew but first you’ll need a cup!

To make a cup you need to first place three pieces of clay in a crafting grid and shape them like a cup would look. This will give you a clay cup that requires an extra step before you can drink from it. You will then need to put your clay cup into a furnace and fire it like you would in a kiln in real life and that will give you an empty cup for your hot drinks!

But you can’t really enjoy a hot drink without hot water and that’s just one more step in the furnace. Put water into the empty cup and place it in a furnace until you now have a cup with hot water!

And now you can make some coffee! To make coffee you will need to place eight pieces of coffee grounds in a grid with the cup of hot water in the middle. A single cup of black coffee will also give you a speed I buff for a brief period. So coffee can definitely benefit your day to day workflow by giving you a little boost. And if you surround a cup of coffee with sugar then you further increase your movement with a speed II buff after drinking that one!

Making tea will be a bit similar to making coffee but you have a few different varieties to choose from. Whether you find these seeds or leaves around your world or decide to plant them and harvest the leaves, the process is the same either way. Tea leaves will look like single bush blocks and you will know when they are ready to harvest when they start budding at their last stage just like any other crop.

You will still need to craft and fire a cup to hold water as well as boil it in a furnace but otherwise making tea is a bit simpler. You just need eight of the same tea leaves placed in a grid with the cup in the middle just like with coffee. And now you have a hot cup of tea ready to enjoy! The benefit of drinking tea will give you a regeneration buff so that could very well come in handy to keep in your inventory when the time is of the essence!

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