Vanilla-Inspired Teleporter

The Vanilla-Inspired Teleporter aims to provide teleportation that fits in with the Minecraft aesthetic. It’s a simple block that works in a network of other teleporters creating a chain that can link many teleporters together.


It works simply by stepping on it or can require a key to access. You can put any block in the slot by right clicking the teleporter. This acts as the key and the next teleporter in the chain will require that same block in order to access it.


They can be be blocked by placing a block one or two spaces above the teleporter. This will prevent access to that particular teleporter and you will then skip to the next one in the line if it exists.


And they can also be locked by providing redstone to the desired teleporter. This will allow you to teleport from that one but won’t allow you to return to it. This could be useful for jail cells or mob farms or simply as one way teleporters.


You can even make unique keys that only you know about. This offers a level of secrecy to access things you may only want seen by yourself or a select group. The unique keys can be books with specific phrases written in them or exact copies of maps. Only those items can be used to unlock a particular teleporter.


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  1. Cool, but is there any way to just have an open teleport with no keys or anything special needed?

    March 18, 2016
    • Yes, just don’t put anything in the key slot and it will work without them.

      March 20, 2016
  2. Will this work if you did not enable cheats at the beginning of single player mode?

    May 18, 2017