Lazyminers is an interesting concept for never having to leave the underground world you’ve built for yourself. Maybe you’ve become comfortable without the sun’s grace or maybe you’re too afraid to surface. That’s where this mod steps in to save the day since you still need food from somewhere!

This mod adds a bunch of crucial overworld food and resource items without ever needing to farm for them. The items are spawned naturally underground in the form of ores that can be mined and smelted. So if you’re hungry just look for some melon, or bread, or meat ores and you’re hunger pangs are a thing of the past!

If you need bonemeal for your underground tree farms then look no further than bone ore right under your nose.

Which also means you can get more use out of this mod if you happen to be playing on a peaceful world and need mobs for certain items like bones above, blazerods, string, or even rotten flesh. Or maybe you’re just trying to avoid mob interaction altogether, then this mod will still help your needs for their precious drops.

So now you have everything you need to satisfy never having the leave the dark, cold, unforgiving underground again!

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Lazyminers, 3.61 / 5 (44 votes)


  1. This is fantastic for people who dont like casual/hard mode. In peaceful there are some mobs (for example slime’s ghast’s etc,) that drop item’s that you cant get in peaceful mode so this mod is perfect for people like me. Thankyou!

    January 10, 2020