Minecraft Gargoyles

Minecraft Gargoyles gives you the ability to craft a great protector to watch over your builds and villages. They come in a variety of strengths depending on what you build them with but they all go out of their way to attack your enemies for your protection. But first you’ll need to craft a perch for them to sit atop when trouble takes a break. Each perch will correspond to the type of block the Gargoyle is crafted from.

Stone Gargoyles are the standard tier and will take care of mobs pretty decently.

And from there the Gargoyles grow in strength with stronger materials. Like the Iron, Gold, Sandstone, and with the highest HP the Obsidian Gargoyles:

And the one that deals the highest damage of all and can even take on a wither on its own is the Endstone Gargoyle.

They will attack on first sight of an enemy but be sure to check the forum link below for specific stats of each Gargoyle. Some can only take on a few mobs at a time and others can take on entire hordes.

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