The Camping Mod

The camping mod is a fun addition to Minecraft that essentially gives you more ways to play the game. Using items like tents and multi-tools you can survive in the forest like a true camper. The mod also has multiplayer capability for camping with friends.


You can set up camp, roast marshmallows, grow turnips, and have different varieties of fire for cooking!


Some useful items you can craft are the camping bags. They give you additional storage and come in 3 sizes.


The mod features a special set of camping clothes, too!


You can roast marshmallows over the campfire if you want to.


This mod is a useful mod if you would like a new style of adventure and enjoy the thrill of camping out in the open air! This mod also requires the RikMulds Core found here.

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The Camping Mod, 4.08 / 5 (670 votes)


  1. Nice Mod Marshmallows are hard to get though..

    August 26, 2021