Better Slabs Mod

With Better Slabs you can make slabs out of nearly any block in Minecraft. Now you can make stairs or walls or simply floors out of anything to fit your aesthetic needs.

When holding your new slabs you can change the mode that the slab will be facing, whether that means placing diagonally, sloped or vertical! Just press f9 or f10 with the slab in hand to cycle the modes.

Diagonal functionality allows for some designs that were not achievable without this mod. Now you can construct walls in all different directions and axes.

There’s even a mode that will turn all current slabs back into full blocks in one click.

Important: Unfortunately this mod is no longer available!

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Better Slabs Mod, 3.98 / 5 (82 votes)


  1. Thank you for posting my mod on this page. It means a lot to me. Also another version of this mod has been release, so please update the download link. Thank you ☺

    June 9, 2017
    • I’ve gone ahead and updated the download link. Thanks for a great mod!

      June 13, 2017
  2. I used the diagonal slab for the roof of my house. Thanks

    March 10, 2018