Doomlike Dungeons

The Doomlike Dungeons Mod puts massive, randomly generated dungeons below the surface of Minecraft. It’s packed full of mobs, loot and hidden passageways. It’s dangerous but perfect for exploration and challenges.


You’ll first need to find one and, while seemingly well hidden, its massive size will make you wonder how you hadn’t found it sooner. The path below is set within an arranged rectangle of cobblestone in a strange pattern. You’ll find a ladder or set of stairs leading far below ground or water.


If you’ve ever played the classic game, Doom, you may recognize the homage to the levels generated in those days. You’ll see random gaps, pillars and passageways. But more importantly it is packed full of mob spawners so be sure to enter at your own risk and prepared. This mod would make an excellent challenge map if you have a games server.


The dungeons are incredibly massive so you’ll notice quite a difference from standard dungeons. And with that comes an incredible amount of loot. There are probably just as many chests in these dungeons as there are mob spawners. It’s well worth your time fighting your way through the mazes but it won’t come easy.


This is definitely an upgrade to Minecraft dungeons and will surely give you a run for your money. If you want to add a challenge to your game this is surely it. Plus if you’re a fan of classic shooters, you’ll love to see it implemented in Minecraft especially if you have a “Doomlike” texture installed.

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  1. Does this affect my world when I make it before I download this?

    March 11, 2015
    • The dungeons probably won’t spawn in areas you’ve already been to and thus already loaded those chunks. But they should spawn in new areas.

      March 12, 2015
      • No , they only spawn in new chunks. (And possibly reloaded chunks , which don’t get generated again , but are reloaded). Also ‘generate structures’ needs to be set to on before you create a world

        March 22, 2015
  2. Awesome, I love dungeons that are full of mystery and secret passages. And also love ones that are massive because it just means for more exploration 😀

    July 17, 2015