The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life mod aims to get you to eat different foods in Minecraft. It works using diminishing returns, which means that the more you eat of a certain food, the less nutritional value it will have for you over time. In order to maintain a healthy diet, you’ll need to vary your food intake.


You’ll see what will happen when you hover over any food in your inventory. It will give you the amount of times you need to eat it before diminishing returns will have an effect. Most foods will need to be eaten 4 times in a row to start losing value.


Once you’ve eaten 4 of the same food, you’ll see a nutritional value percentage. This will go down until the food is essentially of no use to you. But if you add variety to your diet, the foods should maintain a healthy status.


The mod does add a neat feature to the hunger bar. It will have a gold ring around each piece of hunger indicating at what point you’ll start losing hunger. And behind the bar is gray cross-hatching that goes up when you do any activity from walking to running to mining. As that bar increases, the gold ring decreases. And once the gold decreases, you’ll start to lose hunger. It’s just a helpful way to keep track of your hunger levels.


And lastly if you shift + hover a food item, it will tell you how many bars of hunger it will replace. Over the course of eating the same foods that amount will obviously go down.


This mod works especially well and is recommended for use with other food related mods, such as the recently reviewed MoarFoods mod found here. It’s compatible with many other food related mods available so there shouldn’t be any conflicts and it will still give detailed information on the food.

You’ll need an additional API for this mod found here.

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The Spice of Life, 3.63 / 5 (72 votes)


  1. It’s great! I always end up eating too much beef and there’s a lot of mutton left in the chests.

    June 12, 2015
  2. This wasn’t really made clear in your descriptions: Once a food has been eaten 4 times and it is in the status of diminishing returns, will that status ever go back to normal? Your descriptions have made it sound like once you get a food to 0% nutritional value, then you no longer will ever get any benefit from eating the food – which would obviously eventually end no foods able to give you any nutrition what so ever.

    October 29, 2015
    • Over time the nutritional value will go back up for example, say you eat 6 apples and the nutritional value is at 50% if you eat 6 pork chops the apples value will have increased. Hope this helps even if it is late

      April 15, 2018