Lightning Bolt Mod

The Lightning Bolt Mod is a simple but powerful ranged weapon that harnesses the power of lightning to strike at your will. It’s perfect for taking out enemies from a distance in an instant.

The strikes are very powerful and can easily start fires whether you meant to or not. So be careful where you aim and be sure it’s not near anything important.

But if you do happen to cause a potentially catastrophic fire, this mod also has a new tool that can put out even the largest fire in an instant. Just one click and the fire is out. You may have suffered some damage but most likely less so than with other fire extinguishing methods.

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Lightning Bolt Mod, 3.57 / 5 (134 votes)


  1. Can’t you get a trident with channeling?

    April 23, 2020
    • Trident with this enchantment works only in thunderstorm. The wand can be gotten in survival quicker, than full trident, enchantment, and the storm at once.

      January 14, 2021