Get In The Bucket Mod

The Get In The Bucket Mod is a fairly simple method for easily transporting any mob in the game. It works exactly the same as the current method for picking up mobs that are found in water except it applies to every animal in Minecraft and even includes picking up mobs like skeletons and villagers. This mod also allows you to add entity IDs for any mobs added with other mods as well!

All you need to do for this mod to work is have an empty bucket available and you simply right click whatever you would like to pick up with it. This will place the mob as an item in your inventory and you can then right click again to drop them back out of it.

What makes this mod so useful is the ability to make transporting animals significantly easier from one place to the next. Minecraft can be understandably tedious if you have a large farm of livestock that you would like to move. Typically you would have to figure out a way to guide them or lead them to the desired location but if you have this mod installed then it is as simple as a few clicks and a good stock of buckets in your inventory. If you have a farm that you would like to upgrade or move to a more desirable location then having this mod can make the move that much less of a headache to deal with. Since the mobs can be easily stored in buckets and subsequently any inventory, then you can even set up faster transportation with the use of Ender chests. Once you have gathered the mobs in their own buckets, all you need to do is set up your Ender chests wherever you need them to be and now you can move your animals hundreds or thousands of blocks away!

This mod is also a great solution for transporting hostile mobs or even using them as a defense tactic. If you are in a bind with minimal health and supplies, but you happen to have buckets or ingots to craft them, then a fight can easily be avoided by right clicking that enemy mob! And once you have them captured they can still be used for whatever needs you might have for them, whether they be for materials or setting traps.

And if you need easy transportation of villagers then this mod also has you covered. You might want to upgrade a village or move them to another location as well and it could not be easier to get fickle villagers to go where you want them to go than simply putting them in a bucket and dumping them to your desired location.

This mod will even allow you to just as easily transport mobs from the Nether to the Overworld as well as any mobs in the End.

And that includes the absurdity of being able to capture the Ender dragon for whatever you might need!

This mod does work in creative mode but works a lot better in survival mode. In creative mode the buckets will actually delete the mob but will then act as a spawn egg for that mob. The bucket will then essentially have infinite mobs you can place like any other block while in creative mode. Survival mode will work as if only one mob is in that bucket and will obviously only drop that same mob when you empty it again. You could easily use this mod in creative mode to duplicate mobs but spawn eggs already have that ability so this mod is really beneficial for survival mode only.

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  1. CAn you put yourelf or someone else player in the bucket?

    February 8, 2023
    • I don’t believe that is possible. Only NPC characters and creatures but I can imagine it would be fun to be able to do that!

      February 9, 2023