Useful Tools

Useful tools is a mod that adds a series of helpful tools that aim to make early game and repetitive tasks a bit easier. The first and possibly most useful tool for quick and bulk mining is the sledgehammer. It is rather pricey with materials because it requires three blocks of diamond along with two sticks to craft. But that hefty price is worth it for the amount of blocks it can break at one time. After you craft it, simply use it like you would any pickaxe or shovel and you will see that it can mine a 3×3 space of stone blocks in one hit! This can be a very useful tool to fast track your overall mining needs and make large tunnels with minimal effort.

The next useful tool is a an upgrade to the standard axe. As we all know the axe is meant primarily for chopping wood much quicker than any other tool and it will break one block at a time. The useful tools mod massively improves the standard axe with a chopping axe that can take down a tree in one swing. It does require three blocks of iron to craft but you can gather wood significantly quicker by only chopping the base block of a tree trunk and the entire tree will break. If you need to clear out a big area full of trees or especially large trees, then the chopping axe will take care of the entire area in no time at all!

And now with this mod installed you can quickly take care of roadways and paths with the path maker and road maker tools. The standard shovel is typically the only way to make a neat path in Minecraft but with these two tools combined you can flatten grass in 3×3 spaces under the player’s feet with a single hit. This can make for a much easier method to make roads and paths in a more timely manner as well as making them wider automatically to create a more pleasing and clean look for your outdoor walkways.

The farming tools should really come in handy for making tilled soil and planting crops much faster. Similar to the other tools in this mod, you can till soil in bigger chunks and make your farms quicker than you normally would. The super tiller is made using a standard hoe and combining it with two blocks of iron and another stick. This new tool will now till soil in 3×3 sections with a single hit.

But the useful farming tools don’t stop there since you can also craft a crop planter to make planting seeds so much faster. It will require three sticks, three iron ingots, and a single carrot to craft. Once you have the crop planter ready to use all you will need is to have seeds or any plant-able crop in your inventory for it to pull from. After you have your soil tilled of course with a sufficient water source, you can then use the crop planter to place any seeds as you normally would so long as you have them ready and available in your inventory bar! This can save some time for sure by only using one tool to plant your crops as opposed to constantly having to open your inventory and bring them to your hot bar one by one.

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