Linking Books

The Linking Books mod is directly inspired by the game Myst and its use of these books to teleport between different dimensions or “ages” as the game refers to them as. You can craft a blank linking book by combining leather and a dye of your choice to a linking panel. Then simply right click the blank book while in hand to write in the location of where you’re standing. This is your initial destination and only one can be added per book.

You can then craft another linking book in another dimension to log that location. Now you can open the book from your first age and you’ll see a picture of where you marked it in the book. You can click the picture and instantly teleport there. The caveat here is that once you do, the book is destroyed and you’ll need to make another one.

There is a way to use the books without destroying them and that’s with a Linking Lectern. You can place the Linking Book on the lectern by shift+right-clicking it with the book.

Now when you open it and use it, the book stays on the lectern and you can travel between ages as many times as you want!

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