Prefab gives you the ability to place fully constructed and furnished structures with just a few clicks. If you’re in a bit of a builder’s block or need a quick starter home then this mod makes it a snap.

There are several blueprints for a variety of things to build and you can customize to your own style and what biome you’re placing it in. The starter homes are great for jumping right into the game without too much to worry about right away. It even digs a mine that can be accessed from inside the home!

Oftentimes you may come across the perfect location to build but the landscape just isn’t flat enough. Well this mod allows you to quickly flatten an area into a grassy plain so you don’t have to do it block by block.

You can even get a farm started by using one of the farm blueprints.

There’s also a bridge generator that has a distance setting depending on how long  or short you need it.

And if you’ve ever wanted to build underwater but it always seems too complicated then you can build an aqua base to get things started with ease. Then simply add on to it with much less of a risk of drowning quickly.

To make placing the structures easy this mod also has a preview function so you know exactly how they will be placed and you won’t have to guess or risk damaging something else in the process.

There are tons of other blueprint options with this mod to fit anyone’s needs and you can check the forum link below for all the additional details.

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  1. hey just a quick question. I was experimenting with it in creative and after i placed down one house the blueprint was gone. Is it a single use item or can i find it elsewhere. I cannot find it the creative inventory either.

    May 29, 2019
    • you just search starting house and you have it again

      June 1, 2019
      • Where do you search? I used it in survival and don’t know how to get it again

        August 16, 2019
  2. How do you craft the prefab blueprints in survival? I saw the structures in creative, so i was curious on how to build some of the more useful prints in survival.

    August 23, 2019