Engineer’s Decor

Engineer’s Decor adds a bunch of new decorative and functional blocks and items to both improve the looks of your buildings and rooms but also adds some boosts to increase productivity. There are a variety of tables and signs and steel poles to add more authenticity to your workshops.

There’s a new crafting table that contains a few storage slots so you can keep common items right in the grid and not bogging down your every day inventory.

There are a couple of new ladder’s added with this mod that are more flush with the walls and provide a bit of a speed boost when climbing.

A new furnace will significantly increase your smelting output since this one has an extra slot for extra items to smelt and double the fuel capacity as well.

This mod also adds an incinerator that has several slots that incrementally moves each item closer to the fire with the addition of a new item. This allows you to have the option to recover an item you may not have necessarily wanted to get rid of right away.

There are several more items that come with this mod to add that extra touch to any of your builds without taking away the traditional Minecraft aesthetic.

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