Exotelcraft is a mod that adds a new dimension to Minecraft. You can get to this dimension just as easily as you can get to the Nether by constructing the Exotel Portal the same way you would construct the Nether portal but using different blocks. You’ll need to use fourteen blackstone blocks to build the frame and then construct the Exotel Portal Igniter. The igniter is made from two blaze rods and one netherite scrap. Then, just as you would with flint & steel in an obsidian portal, right click the opening and the portal to Exotel will open!

All you need to do now is simply walk through the portal and you will find yourself in a very strange and colorful dimension unlike the normal Minecraft overworld. This new world otherwise looks and functions similarly but has some key elements that drastically set it apart from the overworld.

You’ll first notice that all of the blocks, especially the grass and trees, have wildly different and vibrant colors that take stark changes between each biome. There are a lot of blue blocks found in what’s known as Biogre forests and plains, bright orange blocks in Redigre Savannahs, and purple blocks in Flonre Forests.

All of these biomes will also alter the color of the sky to reflect when you’ve entered a new biome. So the sky will fluctuate constantly as you travel and sometimes the sky is simply pure black even when it is still technically daytime. All of these biomes have new trees to harvest different types of wood that will all craft into the standard items and blocks you would make from the wood found in the overworld. You can even craft multicolored boats from these new wood blocks as well!

There are certain bodies of water that are also black with very little you can see from the top. Be careful if you happen to fall into one of these since the amount of light that can be seen is even worse to nonexistent while underwater. Even with a glowstone block  placed, you won’t be able to see more than a few blocks around you! This dark water can be filled with any number of creatures and items but without a sufficient source of light, it might be incredibly risky to dive deep. When reaching the bottom of a large body of this water it can be difficult to even know which way is up in order to resurface for air!

There are even significant changes made to the caves and caverns underground as well. You’ll find blue stone and shadow stone blocks that can also craft standard stone recipes like stairs and brick blocks and walls. And this mod also adds some new mobs to look out for like the Dry Exotel Zombie with piercing red eyes and tattered armor.

Or if you delve underground into a cave you may come across some Frosty Magma Cubes. These look and sound similar to slimes but they have a speckled blue coloring and will jump like a spring to move around.

This mod also adds some new ways to craft armor and tools as well as swords. If you find Opal Ore you can extract some gems of opal and use those to make all of your tools and armor out of opal. These will have similar attributes to using diamonds.

And then you can also make tools and armor out of rubies. Most of these items will have similar attributes to using netherite with some minor differences. The armor will vary in increased toughness for some pieces but will be lower that netherite in other pieces. But the big advantage to using rubies will be with making swords and axes. These will have a significant boost in attack damage over all weapons. Compared to a netherite sword and axe, ruby swords have a 15 attack damage versus 8 and ruby axes have a 16 attack damage versus 10!

There is so much more to explore with this mod since it essentially creates an entirely new world to discover outside of the overworld. It is incredibly expansive and has many new blocks and features to use in your daily builds and provides a refreshing take on the Minecraft experience.

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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