Macaw’s Lights and Lamps

Sketch Macaw’s Lights and Lamps is a mod that aims to improve the overall look and functionality of light sources in Minecraft. You’ll now have a wider variety of lamps to choose from that fit with both the Minecraft aesthetic as well as the locations you would place them in. There is a garden lamp that works perfectly along sidewalks and yards to help guide paths in an elegant and clean way.

Plus they can also be used underwater, which can make for great lighting in pools or fountains or anywhere you’d need light below the water!

Macaw also adds a few options for better street lighting. You can take normal lanterns and combine them with some fence posts and a brick wall to make street lamps that can also be variable in height. If you need shorter street lamps then simply place one but there is no real limit aside from Minecraft’s built in height limit to the sky preventing you from making some seriously tall lanterns! Simply stack the next one on top like you would normal fence posts and you’ll now have much taller lights!

They can also be made into double lamps by adding an additional fence post and lantern in the crafting stage.

Since you can make street lamps with normal lanterns it only makes sense that this mod adds the ability to craft soul street lanterns that function the same as those normal lamps.

And with all of the lamps in this mod they can simply be turned on and off with a single click.

This mod covers indoor lighting as well with desk lamps and ceiling lamps. These can be crafted with any color available in the game so you can truly match whatever interior decorating you have going for you. All you need to do is change the wool type you use when crafting them.

These lamps are bit more modern than the standard solution for desk lighting and a bit more practical. They take the bulk of a full redstone lamp and cut down the size and look to fit in with a modern interior. The ceiling lamps are crafted exactly the same way as the desk lamps, including the ability to choose any color, except you craft them upside down in the grid. And as with the elegance of the desk lamps, the ceiling lamps maintain the same by taking a minimal approach to lighting your rooms from above.

Both the desk lamps and ceiling lamps can also be stacked to change their heights so you have even more variety in how you display your lighting as well!

You can also take your lighting on more tropical ventures with the addition of the tiki torches. They can be crafted from any type of wood so you have an incredible selection to choose from and they can also be stacked on top of each other like the other lamps for custom heights. These torches take on a much more realistic look and can add just the right touch needed for any tropical setting. And with the ability to use any wood type, you can place them to match wherever you might have gotten that wood in the first place.

Plus, as with the soul street lamps, you can use soul torches as well to make soul tiki torches if you’d much prefer the blue light over orange.

This mod certainly takes lighting to the next level by providing many more options to customize the way you want to illuminate your spaces. You don’t have to get overly creative with trying to hide a redstone lamp if it doesn’t fit with your designs and you can choose from any variety of color or wood to fit your needs! And there’s no need for a power source so these lamps are perfect if you’d prefer simpler lighting options.

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