Enhanced Farming

Enhanced Farming is a mod that aims to expand on the overall crops that can be grown in Minecraft by adding a significant amount of new trees and plants to grow and harvest. There are nine new trees that you will find scattered throughout forest biomes and include apple, lemon, orange, cherry, pear, avocado, and mango trees in non-cold forests. You will also be able to find olive trees in savannah biomes and banana trees in jungle biomes.

Each of the fruits you can harvest from these trees can all be used to make a variety of new food dishes and drink concoctions. You can make standard juices by simply combining any of the fruits with a bottle of water. So if you want to make apple juice or lemonade just put an apple or lemon in a crafting grid with a bottle of water and you will get the desired juice in return! And you can take the drink crafting to the next level by now being able to make smoothies! These will need a milk bottle and a snowball as well as the desired fruit and when combined together you can make tasty cold drinks to really set the mood of a hot summer day!

You can even make olive oil by squeezing olives using pistons! It’s a pretty ingenious new take on using the already existing pistons to make such a staple in cooking. All you need to do is craft a system than can place olives underneath a piston. This can be made to look however you want so long as the piston is pushing down on the olives. Once the piston is activated then a bottle of olive oil will appear!

And there are eleven new crops this mod also adds that will play key roles in the other dishes you can make. These will be crucial ingredients you will need to make pizzas, pies, sandwiches and a wider variety of soups as well. Tomatoes will obviously be needed to make sauce for the pizza but this mod goes a step further in being able to make dough from salt and flour. You will need a pot and water that will yield the salt and then grind wheat in a mortar and pestle to make the dough. Then simply combine those ingredients with a cutting board to be able to make bacon pizza, cheese pizza, or pineapple pizza! The cheese will also need to be crafted and that requires a bucket of milk, a pot, and salt.

You can also harvest mint leaves and make mint tea with this mod. Once you have your tea leaves then you will need to boil water for your tea. To boil water you simply need to add a bottle of water to a furnace and it takes about 10 seconds to come to a complete boil. After you have the boiling water then just add a mint leaf and now you have delicious mint tea!

The cutting board can also be used to slice bread and you can then combine the slices with a variety of ingredients to make jam sandwiches or chicken sandwiches and even hamburgers!

This mod also adds a series of tiered rakes that function similarly to hoes but can only be used on grass. When you turn the grass into dirt with one of the rakes you have a chance of seeds automatically dropping. The chance will increase when using better rakes so if you can craft diamond rakes then that will be the most beneficial one to use.

There is also a scarecrow you can craft and that will help to keep animals away in a five block radius.

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