Xaero’s World Map

Xaeros World Map is a different way to view your world in a much more useful fashion than standard maps already provided. This new map will still auto generate just like a traditional Minecraft map does, except this time it can be viewable by simply pressing M on your keyboard. This will bring up the world map in your off hand so you can have a much clearer view of it while traveling. This does also save you an inventory slot if you don’t already use that slot for something else like a shield.

This new world map has some pretty great full screen viewing options as well. When you pull up the full screen map you will see your surroundings like you would expect but you also get to see your coordinates as well as where you currently are on the map. It’s perfectly zoomable to view from afar and super close up so you can tailor the details and scope of your surroundings as you see fit. The zoom functions similar to something like Google maps in that you can zoom in or out by simply scrolling your mouse wheel.

And one of the most interesting improvements with this map is the addition of showing your footsteps to be able to accurately map the trail you’ve taken. This will show you a basic red line of where you have been and where you are. What makes this feature so useful is that it easily negates the need to put up any sort of markers or beacons to remember your path. Now you can simply pull up the full world map and pinpoint exactly where you might want to revisit.

Xaero’s Worldmap doesn’t stop there with expanding the existing, and lacking of many features, standard Minecraft Map by only showing you the Overworld, it also has support for other dimensions like the Nether and The End. Both of those dimensions, or perhaps any others you might have from a different mod, are notorious for being difficult to navigate. They are vastly more dangerous and unpredictable than the Overworld so having as detailed a map as this one will make those treacherous multidimensional trips that much safer. The Nether in particular has an incredibly dangerous floor of lava, obviously, as well as some very precarious and dense packs of solid ground that even those have their own harmful blocks you have to be wary of. Not to mention how violent the Piglins can get when you happen upon and pack of them almost anywhere. All of this to say, with Xaero’s Worldmap you can now breathe a little easier by having the ability to see all of those dangers and properly plan out where you need to go next!

You can also combine this with Xaero’s Minimap, that you can find here, for added features like waypoints you can teleport to. Any other mod that enables waypoints will also work but regardless, the World Map can also display those waypoints and offer a quick option to teleport to them right from your map! So if you’re in need of a greatly detailed and super helpful map in Minecraft then Xaero’s has you covered.

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