Xaeros World Map

Xaeros World Map is a different way to view your world in a much more useful fashion. The map will auto generate just like a traditional Minecraft map except this time it’s viewable by simply pressing M.

It’s perfectly zoomable to view from afar and super close up. It functions similar to google maps in that you can zoom in or out by simply scrolling your mouse wheel.


And one of the most interesting improvements with this map is the addition of showing your footsteps to be able to accurately map the trail you’ve taken.

So if you’re in need of a greatly detailed and super helpful map in Minecraft then Xaeros has you covered. And it also has support for other dimensions like the Nether. You can also combine this with Xaero’s Minimap for added features like waypoints you can teleport to.

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Xaeros World Map, 3.83 / 5 (174 votes)


  1. its Great! Super helpfull too def recomend!

    January 12, 2020