Remorphed is a wonderful mod that allows a player to transform in to any mob available in the game. It functions as an add-on to the Woodwalkers Mod and provides some additional benefits like an easy to use menu and alternate methods to unlock more mobs to transform in to. But you can do so much more than simply morph into a particular mob. You can use this mod to take advantage of any of the perks and abilities of the mobs you ultimately become! This mod can easily help you tackle any obstacle or enemy by simply changing into another entity and using their abilities without the need for potions or enchantments. The Remorphed mod requires the player to kill any mob they want to morph in to and the option will appear in a separate menu. You can also switch back and forth between your player and the chosen mob/last mob you killed. When you press G you will swap morphs and when you press ` then you will open up the menu of the available mobs you have to choose from.

So if you come across a skeleton for the first time and kill it, then its form will now become accessible by hitting G and you will see it in the morph menu when you hit the ` key. And now you will also have some benefits but also some drawbacks by morphing into a skeleton. You will no longer be attacked by other skeletons when in that form but other enemies may still become hostile and attack. The other drawback is that you will burn in sunlight if you don’t switch back to your player form. But this could surely be a useful strategy if you need to travel through a hostile area and want to blend in with any nearby skeletons. The same goes for morphing into a zombie with similar abilities as the skeleton.

If you wanted to harness the power the creeper then you can certainly do that with this mod as well. Many of the mobs you can morph in to allow you to use their special abilities if they have them and the creeper will obviously summon an explosion around you. By default you need to hit the R key while you are morphed and the ability will activate with a certain cooldown. So when you hit R as a creeper, you will generate an explosion that won’t kill you or any blocks but it will cause damage to anything living in your blast radius. This can be exceptionally useful when you might be overwhelmed by hostile enemies.

Every mob that can fly will also allow you to fly just like them when you morph. So just like you would in creative mode, simply double tap the spacebar and you will start to hover and fly around as you see fit! So whether you want to be a bat or a bee or anything with wings, then all you need is to kill one of them and you are good to go! You can even turn in to a Ghast and shoot fireballs like they do all while at a safe distance in the sky.

And if you want to explore the depths of a body of water, then you might want to take the form of a sea creature. Anything that is water based will allow you to swim faster and breath underwater. So if you ever need to do some extended deep sea exploring without needing to come up for air, then you can spend all the time in the world as one of these creatures.

There are many more mobs that you can morph in to and explore with this mod and many of them have different variants that you can become, such as alternate colors or states of being. There are also many more abilities and traits that other mobs will give you when you morph in to them like slow falling or immunity to fire damage. You can find more information on what exactly each ability and trait can be used by checking the wiki here. This mod does require two additional API files to be installed. The Crafted-core API can be found here. And since this is essentially an improvement on the Woodwalkers mod, you still need to install that API and it can be found here. The key differences with this mod and why it improves on Woodwalkers are the menu system, which isn’t available in Woodwalkers, and the ability to have two different morphs you can quick change in to by pressing G.

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