Random Things

The Random Things mod adds a ton of new items that can aid in your everyday crafting and building. Many of the items are aesthetic but many are also pretty handy. You can combine bricks with various dyes to make colored bricks that fit with your designs. Now your choices aren’t strictly limited to red or grey bricks.


You may come across biome crystals in random dungeon chests. These can be combined with stone and glass to become biome specific. That means that their color will vary depending on which biome they are placed in. They’re all essentially a greenish color but that hue will change as soon as you enter a new biome.


The Ender Bridge is a neat way to travel long distances. It’s not like other teleporters in that it only works in a straight line. So in essence it will limit usage but you can be creative with them for specific places. You can craft them out of endstone but you can also make a prismarine version that teleports faster. They need an Ender Anchor placed in an unobstructed straight line wherever you want to go. Then they just need a redstone current like a pressure plate on top of them. Standard ones will take about 5 seconds and prismarine are almost instant transfers.



Platforms are neat wood slabs that you can walk through but also on top of. So essentially you can place this amongst other wood blocks and it will function the same. The great thing about it, though, is that when you hit ‘shift’ while standing on it you will fall through. So you can make a secret entrance to a secret room that only requires standing in the right spot and tapping ‘shift’ to enter.



And finally you may come across beans throughout the world. These can be surrounded by gold nuggets to make lesser magic beans. When planted they’ll instantly grow into bean stalks that you can climb. If you happen upon true magic beans then there will be a bean pod at the top of the stalk full of goodies to grab when broken.



There are many more new things added with this mod so be sure to check out the forum for more info.

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