Nether’s Exoticism

Nether’s Exoticism is a mod that adds 5 new fruits to the Nether that either grow on trees or bushes in each of the Nether’s biomes. Each fruit also has unique effects once consumed! They can also be stacked and crated for easy storage.

You’ll come across Rambutan trees in Nether Wastes and its fruit gives the regeneration effect.

Kiwano bushes are found in the Warped Forest and can easily be missed by blending in with the trees. Their fruit gives fire resistance.

Pitaya’s are found in Crimson Forests and definitely stand out with their color contrast and they look similar to cacti. Their fruit gives a wither cure effect.

Buddha’s Hand spawns all around Soul Sand Valley and look like fingers jutting up from the ground. Its fruit will give you night vision.

And the Jabuticaba tree might be the hardest to spot in the Basalt Deltas but their fruit gives a cure effect.

Along with simply consuming each fruit as is, you can also make potions out of each one for better effects!

And the Kiwano fruit can be used to make tools that automatically cook whatever you break with them. You can also make a bag that holds an additional 18 slots!

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