Radiation Zone

The Radiation Zone mod is a mod that opens up a mysterious gateway to an otherwise unknown wasteland. This new realm is a sprawling and dark world peppered with bright, neon green elements based on the uranium ore that you will need to mine in the first place in order to get there. When you find some uranium ore, which may take some time, you will need to convert it to Radioactive Flame and that will be the key to opening the Radiation Zone portal.

You can craft Radioactive Flame by combining it with coal and then you will need to construct the portal itself. You will need to surround a block of glowstone with eight deepslate blocks and that will form the framing of the portal. After that you will then need to right click on the glowstone with the Radioactive Flame and the portal will open!

At this point you can then jump right in but it would benefit you to take some night vision potion before you go and keep some on hand because of how dark this new world is.

This new world is truly a radioactive wasteland with tons of creatures roaming all over like the decaying stone giant, radiation skeletons, and giant rats.

The landscape is made up of wasteland sand and sediment as well as decaying stone which can all be used to craft new blocks you can take with you back to your home world or use here if you want to build a base in this realm. You will also see glowing green plants and trees throughout the land and those are actually a radioactive form of glowstone that you can harvest. You can even use it as a light source just as you would glowstone. It gives off a neon green hue that truly sells the nuclear wasteland atmosphere.

This mod also includes two additional ores found in the radiation zone that can be used to craft new tools and armor. The dull ore can be smelted into Dullingot and you can craft dull versions of the same tools used across Minecraft as well as a full set of dull armor. But you can combine these ingots with natural uranium to create the Desolate Alloy and that will allow you to craft much more durable and stronger tools and armor.

You can also use the natural uranium to craft a Decay Hand Cannon, which will function similarly to a crossbow and cause significant damage. But be careful to keep out of range of whatever you hit with it because it will cause shrapnel or “shells” to scatter on impact.

These tools and weapons and armor will be critical to explore and protect yourself from not just the vast amount of hostile mobs but also to take deep underground when you find a totem temple. This will look similar to some of the larger dungeons found in the main overworld but it will be filled with more hostile enemies to fight.

After defeating these radioactive foes you may come across a radiation key that will be the only way to unlock the desolate chests found in the totem temple. These chests are often filled with some critical loot like natural uranium and desolate alloys that will allow you to craft those stronger tools and armor as mentioned. You may even come across some additional weapons that unlock a level of magic when in use. The Seclusion is one such item that will allow you to attack multiple enemies with one shot and will come in handy especially in these overrun caves and temples.

This mod does require the GeckoLib API to be installed alongside it and can be found here.

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