Ex Sartagine

Ex Sartagine adds new ways for cooking and smelting in Minecraft. It adds a frying pan, cooking pot, and smelter to make cooking/smelting that much faster. If you have a furnace already burning coal then add one of these to the top and gain additional yields from the heat.

The frying pan is a quick way to make cooked food by simply placing it on top of an operating furnace. Just add in beef or chicken and your food is cooked in no time.

The cooking pot will boil eggs and potatoes in record time. Again, all it needs is a burning furnace and some water in the pot. Then add the eggs or potatoes and wait (not for long) for your food.

The smelter will smelt down ores quicker and more efficiently than standard furnaces. Plus for every 2 ores smelted, and extra ingot will yield. This means a full stack of ore will smelt significantly faster than traditional methods.

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