Better Builder’s Wands

The Better Builder’s Wands mod adds 4 wands to the game to give you the ability to place many blocks at once in a given direction or area. All the wands require you to have the desired blocks in your inventory and then you can place them as you see fit. The Stone wand is the simplest and allows you to place up to 5 blocks at a time and up to 130 blocks in its lifetime. You can only place blocks in a horizontal fashion with this wand.

The Iron Wand is an intermediate upgrade to the Stone and places up to 9 blocks at a time for 250 blocks. It can also be changed from horizontal to vertical by hitting the M key.

Diamond gives you much more functionality in placing blocks but also limits you by its durability. It can place up to 1562 blocks for 1562 uses. And it has several different modes to choose from with the M key from single direction horizontal/vertical lines or vast areas.

And the Unbreakable Wand gives you all the flexibility of the Diamond but will never break. This mod is a great timesaver for placing many blocks in a row or group. And it’s also incredibly useful in the fact that you don’t need to even change blocks if you already have certain blocks placed. So long as you have enough of them in your inventory you can use the same wand to place multiple types of blocks over and over!

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