Enchantable Staffs

Enchantable Staffs is a great way to expand on the magical aspects of Minecraft by giving the player six tiers of staffs that range in durability and enchantability. Each staff is pretty simple and affordable to craft and they range from the lowest tier of iron up to the highest tier of plated netherite. The low end staffs will likely require more bookshelves in order to apply high level enchantments but you can otherwise upgrade your staffs to do those enchantments without needing more bookshelves. If you don’t have enough bookshelves and your staff is too low on the tier then you’ll see a message that says “limited enchantability” and that will be your indicator to make some changes.

This mod adds some really neat enchantments that go beyond the normal ones already in the game. These enchantments are what takes the magical elements to the next level and maximizes your sorcery abilities. There are some basic but useful enchantments that can summon a single source block of lava and one for water as well. Both of them are aptly named “create lava” and “create water”. This can be an incredibly useful tool to have if you need either element and you’d rather not carry around buckets of lava and water with limited resources for each use. Now with every recharge of your staff you can bring either fluid to your world with a single cast.

There are more advanced enchantments as well that can heal you or anyone else within a certain radius of where you cast the spell. And there is one that can summon an undead monster to fight for you called necromancy. The monsters can range from zombies to withers and anything in between but instead of immediately attacking you, they will protect you and fight any mobs that are a threat to you. This can be a very lucrative staff to have on hand if you get caught in dangerous situations with limited resources.

There are a couple of fast travel enchantments like teleport, which will take you up to 100 blocks from where you are to where you point the staff and cast the spell. And there’s a more complex enchantment that functions like a portable spawn setter. The enchantment is called warp and it does require a charge of 300 so you will need some additional potions to get you there. All staffs have a default charge of 200 that will recharge after every cast. In order to add more charge to cast higher spells you will need a potion of charge escalation. There are several tiers of these potions that will incrementally increase your staff’s charge capacity for a brief period of time. Once you have more charge then you can shift + right click to set a warp point with the warp staff. Now you can teleport to that location from anywhere in the same dimension and you can even set new warp points by repeating the first step and removing the old warp point!

There are also several destructive enchantments like fireball and dragon breath that will summon varying degrees of fire based attacks.

And there are five tiers of an explosion enchantment that is like having the ability to fire TNT from your staffs! Both of these can be very volatile so be careful where you aim!

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