The Skiing mod is a fantastically fun way to travel fast down hills and can truly enhance a snowy world in Minecraft. It adds three new mountable items that include skis with optional ski poles, sleds, and snowboards. Each of these items can be made from any of the available wood types so you can customize the colors you want for your downhill adventuring. The skis are and snowboards are very simple to craft as well. Skis require two wood planks and one stair block of the same type crafted in a diagonal with the stairs in the top corner and snowboards are similar except they require a wood slab as the middle material.

Both the skis and snowboards function very similarly and the only real difference comes in when you use sticks with the skis. Once you craft either one, place them on the ground and right click to mount them.

You can start moving forward just as you would any other mountable item and you can also reverse but it is a bit slower. As with skis and snowboards in real life there is a limit to going uphill in them and is limited to just above a half block height. However, going downhill is much faster and a lot of fun. You can make snow jumps and hills to get the real experience of skiing right in Minecraft!

When you use sticks with skis you can get a slightly faster momentum and sticks can be crafted to match the wood type you used to craft the skis.

Sleds will function similarly but obviously will be slower and you are sitting down in them. They can also be crafted from any wood type and are just as fun zipping down the slopes as you would imagine.

This mod also adds a variety of colorful pullovers made from seven wool blocks of any color dye available in the game as well as a green dye in the center that shows a pine tree on the front. They offer +3 armor but are mostly to help add that ski resort aesthetic when you put them on.

And to help with crafting and building hills or jumps from snow, this mod gives you a snow shovel made with two sticks and an empty bucket. The snow shovel will help to clear a 3×3 area of snow with only one hit so it can be really handy for sculpting large areas as once!

This is a very fun and entertaining mod to enhance any worlds that might have massive snowy mountains and it works incredibly well when paired with any ski resort saves or servers you might have available. The customization of the skis, snowboards and sleds as well as matching parkas can be the perfect missing pieces for your downhill activities and can bring the excitement of skiing and snowboarding right to your home. Take yourself or your friends on a ski trip and enjoy some fresh powder!

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