Furnace Mk2

The Furnace Mk2 aims to massively improve the standard furnace and provides a way to easily and conveniently smelt multiple items by adding three more output slots to store whatever is being smelted. It also has four upgrade options to make your furnaces perform faster and with much more efficiency while also maximizing and retaining XP for the player to claim when they return to the furnace.

When you right click on the Furnace Mk2, it looks very similar to the standard furnace menu but with a few extra slots that are easy to figure out. Right away you might notice the recipe book in the center of the menu and that has all the info on what types of fuel can be used as well as how many items can be smelted per one of each fuel source. You’ll also see what items can be smelted, how long it will take to smelt each item, and how much XP you’ll gain for each of those items. This can be handy if you want to be able to farm for XP and now you have a handy resource to see which items will yield the most XP for the time it will take to smelt!

The Furnace Mk2 has four output slots for smelting multiple items one after the other. This will allow for peak convenience and efficiency when smelting without having to constantly empty the output slot for more ores to start the process like with a normal furnace. This way you can have four different ores contained in a chest and connected to a hopper above this furnace and you’ll only have to empty the yield once all four slots are full. And this will save on space in your smelting rooms by quadrupling how many items are smelted in that single block space for each furnace.

And to make these furnaces even more powerful are the upgrade options you can add to the additional slots in the furnace menu. The insulation amplifier upgrade can go in one of the three slots on the left side and will consume 150% less fuel for each item. This means you’ll get more out of your fuel sources and use less of them just by adding this upgrade.

You can significantly increase the speed at which each item is smelted by adding the thermal magnifier. It will also fit in any of the three slots on the left and will process ores 200% faster than without it. So you can upgrade your Furnace Mk2 with this and get twice as many ores for the same time as if you didn’t have it.

And the last upgrade for the left slots is the experience clarifier. Each item you smelt will yield a certain amount of XP when smelted. Normally the player wouldn’t be able to claim this experience easily but this mod has two items to maximize the XP you can get from these items. With the experience clarifier you can earn 200% more experience per item smelted than if you didn’t have it. And the other crucial item allows for the ability to store and reclaim that XP easily. The attuned crystal  goes in the bottom right slot and has a meter showing how full it is when you come to collect the XP. You can right click the crystal while it’s in the slot to collect the XP for yourself but you can also shift + right click to add your own XP to it in a way to securely store your XP and not worry about losing it if you are going into dangerous territory. The crystal can store a massive amount of XP and caps it at 10,000.

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