EmbellishCraft is a great mod that adds a bevy of new blocks and materials to Minecraft. With the addition of new stones now available, this mod overhauls brick based blocks to allow the player to be infinitely more creative with building and overall design choices. There seems to be an endless variety of new blocks to choose from that will easily fit anyone’s style.

You can completely redo your interiors as well with wallpaper blocks and new furniture pieces. This mod gives you the option to craft actual wallpaper panels that can be placed over any block you want. So now you won’t have to adhere to the old methods of using wool blocks or other similar blocks while also needing to place exterior blocks that double the overall real estate your build will take up. You can instead use fewer blocks and place unique wallpaper instead.

And while you are decorating your interiors, this mod adds many new tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures that you can even sit in after placing them! There are even newly designed ladders that can fit with a more modern design than the standard ladder pieces.

This mod also makes it possible to craft new variations of fences, slabs, stairs and even pressure plates with all the new blocks as well. Now you can choose from a much broader variety of each of those blocks to fit your perfect aesthetic. They come in a several different design options from an un-chiseled or cobblestone look to more refined and differing sized brick options along with the impressive amount of colors and stone blocks to choose from.

A neat additional feature added with this mod is the ability to craft things with steel. You will first need to make steel ingots as the base ingredient for steel blocks. They can either be crafted with steel nuggets you get through standard mining, or in a much easier way with the use of the blast furnace. With the blast furnace you can simply smelt iron ingots and you’ll get steel ingots.

Steel ingots are a great new way to craft blocks that both look stronger and actually are with a higher durability rate. Once you have enough steel ingots you can then combine them with the hammer, also added with this mod, to make steel plates. Steel plates are the final ingredient needed in this process to craft all the available blocks added with this mod. It might seem like a lengthy process but it will be worth it for the blocks you can craft and also maintains a true Minecraft experience by working hard for the items you want. So then when you have your steel plates you will now be able to craft all the metal based blocks included for a real industry themed aesthetic. You can even alter the look of any of the steel based blocks to add some additional creativity by making them rusty blocks!

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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