EmbellishCraft adds a bevy of new blocks and materials to Minecraft. With the addition of new stones, this mod overhauls brick based blocks. There seems to be an endless variety to fit anyone’s style.

You can completely redo your interiors as well with wallpaper blocks and new furniture pieces. Plus you can sit in all the chairs this mod adds!

And this mod makes it possible to craft fences, slabs, stairs and pressure plates with all the new blocks as well.

A neat feature is the ability to craft things with steel. But you need to first make steel ingots. They can either be crafted with steel nuggets, or much easier with the use of the blast furnace. Just smelt iron ingots and you’ll get steel ingots.

And once you have steel ingots you can combine them with the hammer to make steel plates. Then you’ll be able to craft all the metal based blocks for a real industry themed aesthetic. You can even make rusty blocks!

This mod requires an additional API found here.

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