Custom Fences and Walls

The custom fences and walls mod adds seven new types of fences, walls, and gates to bring some much needed variety for your enclosures. And while that doesn’t sound like much at first, this mod opens up the customization options by allowing these to be crafted from nearly every type of wood, stone, and metal and gives you a total of 500 unique barriers to choose from!

The shapes of the fences can vary from relatively simple ones that aren’t much different than standard fences. Or you can make much more advanced designs that can add a level of elegance and sophistication depending on where you’d like to place them. If you have a more upscale structure that you’d like to compliment with a fancier fence then this mod is perfect for you.

You can also mix and match wood types to create multi-colored fences to suit any aesthetic and design choice. The recipes are pretty simple but because there are so many options to choose from, it would be helpful to have something like the Just Enough Items mod installed for quick recipe guides or check the forum link below for the developer’s direct page. With this mod you can now make light and dark wood fences or even use crimson planks or warped planks to add a bit more color to accent them.

And of course you can match or even mix the equally wide variety of fence gates to go along with your new wood fences. And these can also be made from single wood types or two types for alternating colors as well. These fence gates also function a bit more aesthetically pleasing by having most of them extend all the way to the ground as opposed to standard Minecraft fence gates. This means you have even more varieties to choose from if you decide you want to make your fence line entirely with gates instead of posts and you can achieve a multitude of different results to suit your needs.

Stone walls get an upgrade with this mod as well and you can add some variety in those stronger looking barriers. There are some changes in the overall shape options like the wall shape that is more flat, the modern wall that looks like a minor variation on the standard wall, and the castle wall shape that can massively enhance the look of any castle or medieval type builds.

These walls will also stack properly and can make for some interesting and complex stone or brick walls that can be capped off in a more visually pleasing sense.

And then this mod also includes metal gates and fences made from iron, gold, and copper as well as stone posts to keep the fences together. These fences are meant to look much more elegant and fit well within a mansion or gated community style design but can easily be used for anything in between that would benefit from a metal forged fence line.

The metal gates and fences can also be further customized to look weathered by adding a single honeycomb to a crafting grid with either an iron or copper fence or gate. The gold variety currently doesn’t have a weathered option. And of course the iron and copper ones will start oxidizing on their own as soon as they are placed so they maintain the same properties as exposed iron and copper blocks do normally. So with this mod you’ll now have an incredibly diverse selection of fences and gates that can be used to enhance the look of your livestock enclosures or your farming plots or even to spruce up your homes and neighborhoods with a bit more originality.

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